South Florida’s hot and humid climate can make certain aspects of green living tough. It’s tempting to crank up our A/C units and to drive instead of walk or bike. However, small lifestyle changes can pay big dividends to our environment, our bank account and our health.

See Green Tips from our Miami-Dade Office of Resilience here.



Institutional Culture / Policies

  • Add an environmental statement to key organizational objectives and public facing materials (e.g., “through our practices and programs we are committed to the sustainability of our planet”).
  • Integrate the materials from our graphics kit into marketing and messaging.
  • Ask this question of your staff and board about everything that your organization does: “Is this the best way for us to do this in regard to the impact on our environment?”

Electricity Usage

  • Turn off computers at night.
  • Upgrade to more efficient lighting – fluorescent and LED (avoid incandescent).
  • Consider solar energy and review local public subsidy programs (Miami–Dade has two programs: Solar Cooperative for Bulk Purchasing and Shared Contracting and Property Assessed Clean Energy Programs)

Materials / Suppliers

  • Use local materials and patronize local businesses that share your resiliency values.
  • Support local food sourcing.


  • Provide workspace collections for recycled items.
  • Provide silverware, dishes and a place to wash dishes.
  • Verify that recycling services are secured.
  • Provide collections for household items for donation.


  • Install bicycle racks at premises, provide designated changing rooms, and establish bicycle partnerships for loans of bicycles.
  • Encourage ride sharing.
  • Offer easy-to-use public transportation education for your business and programming location(s).

Staff Work habits

  • Offer work from home options for staff.
  • Promote calls and video conference instead of travel to meetings.


  • Use electronic filing to reduce paper consumption.
  • Prioritize electronic mail vs. paper for invitations, information, etc.
  • Investing in video conferencing technology.